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Is flood water safe?

The source of the water determines what kind of risk is poses to your health and safety. This water source also determines the way we will go about cleaning and restoring your property. Water is broken into three categories.

Category 1 Water

This would be the cleanest water, and does not pose a threat to humans or animals. Clean water lines or overflowing tubs would be two examples of clean water.

Category 2 Water

This would be grey water, and will contain some varying degree of contamination. It may cause discomfort or illness if you are exposed to it, or if it was accidentally consumed.

Category 3 Water

Also known as black water, this water is highly contaminated and can cause serious illness or even death if consumed or exposed. It contains bacteria, fungi and is usually the result of sewage based spills. Seawater, flooding from rivers or streams, and rising flood water from rain can all become contaminated. To read more about flood water health risks visit the CDC’s website.

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