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Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Storm damage cleanup any day, any time by certified and trained technicians at Water Emergency Team. Is your home or business damaged by water from storms, rain, or flooding? We will help you get back to normal.

Storm Damage Cleanup

The damage caused by storms varies, from simple rain water flooding, to significant structural damage and the whole house underwater. We will work with you to perform storm damage cleanup 24/7. Our team responds quickly to asses the storm damage and create a plan to restore your home.

Throughout the process we will work to secure your home, cleanup any flood water and start working to repair the damage. Unlike when clean water enters your home, such as a pipe leak, storm and flood water can be dangerous to your health. It’s important that this water is removed and sanitized as quickly as possible.

Storm damage caused by falling tree
Storms can cause significant damage to homes which can lead to flooding and water damage.
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