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Water restoration is the process of bringing your home or business back to normal. It can go without saying, but water where it shouldn’t be in your home is not good. This will lead to many different issues for both the materials, and more importantly your health.

Your restoration experts at Water Emergency Team respond quickly to help you get back to normal. We perform a thorough Wet Check to find the water and hidden moisture. Then we create a custom action plan for your unique situation.

The first step to restoring your home or business is to extract the water. While we are removing water, we are working to protect your home and contents from additional damage. Depending on the source of the damage we might have to remove contaminated materials for your health and safety.

When water is not completely removed from the carpet and carpet padding, mold will start to grow. There are many different sources of damage from water such as a frozen or broken pipe, water heater, roof leak or even storms. If you are experiencing flooding from sewage or other extremely dangerous water, decontamination and removal will be necessary. Your health and safety is our top priority.

Then we move onto the drying phase, this is called structural drying. We use fast airflow, and dehumidification to remove the remaining moisture. This step is critical, just because there are no puddles, doesn’t mean everything is dry. With water absorbed into building materials mold and bacteria can grow.

Flooding caused by sewage, or other highly contaminated water is hazardous and must be removed by our trained technicians. Wet wood floors or damaged cabinets can also be restored.

The specific course of action will vary depending on the type of water, but your disaster restoration experts at Water Emergency Team are trained and certified in water restoration. Utilizing our expert training and professional equipment, a drying plan will be custom tailored to your unique situation. Call us day or night for emergency flood cleanup in your home or business.


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