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Water Damage Restoration in Dallas, TX: Dealing with Unexpected Emergencies

Free Wet Check

When water finds its way into your home because of a roof leak, storm damage, or a busted or frozen pipe it will cause serious problems. Water migrates throughout your home or business. Call Water Emergency Team today to schedule your free wet check.

Hidden Moisture

When you are standing in several inches of water there is no doubt about what needs to be dried. That same water will move under the wall from one room to the next. This is where our licensed technicians utilize specialized cameras, and moisture sensors to discover all areas that are wet.

“What if it doesn’t look wet?” This is something we get asked a lot, and it’s a great question! Some building materials might appear to be dry to the eye, or even sometimes touch. It’s very possible that it has elevated moisture content.

Even if it looks dry, but the moisture content is too high that creates an environment for microbial growth. This is why all affected areas must be dried as quickly as possible. The longer materials are exposed to water and high moisture content they are at a higher risk for damage. This damage isn’t only limited to microbial growth, it also includes odors and loss of structural integrity.

Our Wet Check Process

Our technicians arrive quickly and review the source of water with you.

After you show us the affected area. We will begin our investigation with thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to locate the hidden moisture.

Based on our findings we will present you with our recommended course of action based on industry standard procedures to restore your home or business back to a pre loss condition.

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