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Water Extraction

Your Comprehensive Guide To Water Damage Claims Water damage is a common and costly issue faced by homeowners, accounting for […]
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With the temperatures in Texas somewhere between super hot, and surface of the sun hot keep an eye on your AC. Not because of the reason you might think. Yes, it might catch fire and melt, but that's normal. The bigger concern is flooding from a clogged condensation drain line.
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When your home or business floods one major issue is wet floors. There are many different flooring types, and types of flood damage. The water damage restoration specialist will design a specific floor drying plan. The drying plan will consider several factors:
• Water contamination
• Flooring materials
• Building construction
• Amount and duration of flooding
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Water damage is never fun, but it can be especially difficult in your kitchen. There are several things to consider when your kitchen floods.
1. Water Source
2. Water Contamination
3. Wet Floors
4. Wet Cabinets
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