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Water damage is never fun, but it can be especially difficult in your kitchen. There are several things to consider when your kitchen floods.

1. Water Source
2. Water Contamination
3. Wet Floors
4. Wet Cabinets

Water Source

Where did the water come from, and where did it migrate to? Was it from a dishwasher flood? Did your refrigerator flood? Was it from a frozen or broken pipe in the wall? These different sources of water damage can influence the water restoration process.

Dishwasher flooding can have contamination such as chemicals and raw food. While a fridge flooding from the ice maker supply line could have little to no contamination.

The amount of water damage from a broken pipe from freezing or any other cause is often significant. A broken pipe under pressure will put out 5 gallons of water per minute!

When you call us, one of our first questions will be what was the source. Sometimes you might not know, which is where our free moisture inspection will help. Our friendly technicians use moisture sensors and specialized cameras to find water damage.

Water Contamination

A big part of water damage restoration is determining possible contamination. Clean water is treated very different from contaminated water. Our experts look at the source, and context of water damage to classify the category of water.

Wet Floors

When your kitchen floods, often that includes part if not all of your flooring. From tile to hardwoods, on concrete or wood subfloors there are many factors to consider. There are too many different combinations to cover here, but above all speed is critical. The faster we get to your home or business, the less damage there will be to flooring.

Wet Cabinets

When water gets trapped under your cabinets you want a restoration company to help. We’re trained and equipped with specialty injection drying equipment. This can save your kitchen cabinets and properly dry them.

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