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Floor Drying

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Floor Drying

When your home or business floods one major issue is wet floors. There are many different flooring types, and types of flood damage. The water damage restoration specialist will design a specific floor drying plan. The drying plan will consider several factors:
• Water contamination
• Flooring materials
• Building construction
• Amount and duration of flooding

Drying Plan

Let’s say you have a very simple flood with clean water. This flood has flooded your carpets and not much else in your home. It’s possible that we can extract the water from the carpet, install drying equipment and dry in place. If on the other extreme, the water damage is from sewage, more extensive cleaning must happen.

The great thing about Water Emergency Team is we will walk through this with you. Our licensed technicians will investigate and locate the effected materials with you. The restoration tech develops a drying plan and starts down the path of restoring your home.

Water Contamination

There are many different sources of water damage. Homes can flood from sewage, to clean water and everything in between. Where an expert investigation is important is the “between” part. This is a scenario where water that was once clean, is now contaminated.

When clean water flows through a wall cavity, and that wall cavity had a previous rodent nest, it’s no longer clean. So while you might have thought the water was clean, now it can contain hazardous pollution. This is just one of many scenarios.

Flooring Materials

Different types of flooring need unique drying plans. You wouldn’t dry wet carpet the same way you would dry wet hardwood. Carpet can often dry. Rapid response can dry wet hardwood floors as well. Some items might need removal if they are not salvageable.

Building Construction

The building materials that the wet floor is sitting on influence drying as well. If you have a floor that is sitting on concrete you likely have simpler needs. On the other hand if you have wet floors on top of a wood subfloor this may require complex drying.

Amount and Duration of Flooding

Another factor in proper floor drying, is how much water and how long it has been wet. Rapid response and quick drying of a small flood is different than a delayed response to a huge flood. This is why we respond 24/7 to flooding. The faster we remove water and start drying the less damage there will be. Call Water Emergency Team day or night.

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